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Live dance performance, video projections, original composition, lighting design and scenic elements. Come and experience the stunning telling of a timeless story.


May 1st/2nd, 8th/9th, 15th/16th 2021.


“Let’s not leave each other unknown…”


Through the fog of Alzheimer’s, Austrian-born Herta wrestles with the foundational moments of her past, including a childhood involvement with the Hitler Youth.  Through interactions with her caregiver, her estranged daughter and her own fractured memories, Herta is forced to confront deep-held regrets and hard truths left unspoken.  Fragments is a physical narrative; a unique fusion of dance and theater centered on one fundamental question: “How much of ourselves must we give to the ones we love?”

Fragments features direction and choreography by Mandie Rapoza. It is written by Brian Kettler and features an entirely original score by Kate Marlais.